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Sharing the wise saying: " We are what we eat " - we follow our main concept - we produce healthy products.

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"Khlbtsy-Udaltsy" is a 100% natural product produced using a unique technology without yeast, sugar from whole grains of various cereals and medicinal plant components, unlike breads made from flour. The heat treatment time is fractions of a second, which makes it possible to preserve the biological nutritional value of cereals, the grain germ is a pantry of biologically valuable substances: vitamins E, P, B1, B2; AT 12; trace elements, K, Ca, Na, Mg, Fe, carotene. Cereal shells of whole grains contain fiber (dietary fiber), which cleanse the body of toxins, toxic substances, stimulate the release of digestive juices that digest food, normalize the intestinal microflora,

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The very important role of fiber in human nutrition was pointed out by ancient doctors: Hippocrates, Avicenna and other prominent doctors of the past. Long-term observations of scientists prove that the normalization of the weight of a middle-aged person is directly related to an increase in the consumption of products from whole grains of cereals. While increasing the consumption of products from refined grains that do not have grain shells (dietary fiber), and flour - contributes to weight gain.

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At the international European specialized exhibitions "Expovital" and "Expo ecoSalud" on the topic: dietary and healthy nutrition, natural plant products - our products "Khlebtsy-Udaltsy" took a worthy place and were highly appreciated by specialists.

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Grain is the "foundation" of nutrition and the basis of health. Cereals are the very first plants cultivated by man. For millions of years of coexistence and evolution, the human body has "learned" to get everything necessary for a full-fledged life from grain. By refusing to eat whole grains, a person deliberately dooms himself to illness! There is no product that can compensate for the lack of all the parts and components of whole grains in our diet.


The registered trade mark "Khlebtsy-Udaltsy" successfully passed the next examination at the State Research Center for Food Hygiene Problems of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (conclusion No. 05.03.02-04/23818) and entered into the register of dietary products of Ukraine.

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